Island Hospital
C.W. "Buzz" Ely MD, Board Member
C.W. "Buzz" Ely MD, Island Hospital Board of Commissioner"I am proud to be a part of our healthcare team here at Island Hospital," says Hospital Commissioner Buzz Ely. "Because of our size, numbers of patients and lower number of procedures compared to a large, urban hospital, we need to be wise in selecting what services we can offer our community."

The challenges inherent in providing quality healthca¬≠re to a rural community are well known to Ely, who practiced medicine for 28 years as an Ob/Gyn, including seven years in Anacortes. In 1998 –– the same year Ely began his service on the Board of Commissioners –– he embarked on a new career as a realtor. With this combined experience, Ely offers insights from a physician's perspective as well as demographic information and trends likely to influence our community's future healthcare needs.

"One of the challenges in providing health care to a smaller community is the limited reimbursement from Medicare and other insurance companies," Ely says. "Small hospitals are generally reimbursed at rates that are less than larger urban hospitals for the same services performed. In spite of that, we must– offer competitive wages (attracting top-notch administrators, physicians and staff), purchase state-of-the-art equipment and deliver those services that are most needed by our community, while conforming to the highest standards possible."