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Since 1974, Lifeline has helped nearly four million people in North America live independently and remain in their own homes.
Peace-of-Mind for Those who Live Alone

By simply pressing the button on a small, waterproof device, Lifeline subscribers activate an emergency-response system, bringing a reassuring voice of help or, if needed, immediate assistance to their door.

Comprised of a small activation device worn by the subscriber plus a state-of-the-art voice communicator installed in the individual's home, the Lifeline response system provides 24-hour support for medical emergencies, at the push of a button.

Philips LifelineWe are local, not an out-of-state '800 call center', with more than 200 happy customers in our community!

A Lifeline subscription is a valued gift, offering a sense of security and safety not only for subscribers, but also for their loved ones. How many gifts offer:
  • Peace-of-mind
  • Independence
  • Early intervention
  • Reassurance

Supported by the Island Hospital Auxiliary

Through the generous efforts of the Island Hospital Auxiliary, Lifeline services are provided to individuals who are unable to pay.

Interested in supporting this worthwhile program? Call the Island Hospital Lifeline Coordinator.

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Lifeline Program
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Coordinator: John Insull