Island Hospital

The Mike Nettles Story - Cancer Care

Mike Nettles, Merle Cancer Care CenterEight years ago, Mike Nettles and his wife, Violet, who are residents of Whidbey Island, decided they would go to Island Hospital for their future healthcare needs. Then two years ago, Nettles was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Since that time, the former Naval officer and electrical engineer has been under the care of a myeloma specialist in Seattle, but he has received his prescribed medications regimen under the direction of Theodore Kim DO at the Merle Cancer Care Center at Island Hospital.

“I believe I have the best of both organizations,” says Nettles. “I see a physician who specializes in my form of cancer... Read more.


The Suzanne Martin-Gowen Story - Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center

Suzanne Martin-Gowen, Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center, Island HospitalIn fall 2012, Anacortes resident Suzanne Martin-Gowen was facing oral surgery, but her surgeon said she needed hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) before he could perform the operation. She thought she was going to be traveling out of town to access this service, but was delighted to learn that HBOT was available at Island Hospital.

"I had radiation therapy for cancer in my jaw in the 90s and the oral surgeon told me that there was a very high risk of my bone breaking in surgery if I didn't strengthen them with hyperbaric treatments," said Martin-Gowen. "The surgeon told me that if I got the hyperbaric treatments... Read more.


The Tim Wittman Story - Sleep Wellness Center

Tim Wittman, Sleep Wellness Center TestimonialBy day, Guemes Island resident Tim Wittman is a psychologist with the Burlington-Edison School District. But often by night and weekends, he's part of Cannery Underground, a popular local folk duo that sets some of this region's maritime folklore and yarns to music. 

Wittman's life was full with his day job, writing and performing his music and distance running, but a good night's sleep was getting rarer and his energy levels were dropping.

“I hadn't been sleeping well for several years, but when it began to affect my work, music, running and, according to my wife, my disposition... Read more.

The Adrean Harris Story - Sleep Wellness Center

Adrean Harris, Sleep Wellness Center TestimonialAdrean Harris didn't think she had a sleep problem. The 74-year-old La Connor resident wasn't overweight and suffered from few of the underlying health problems usually associated with sleep disorders. But when her husband, George, reminded her that she snored and felt tired most of the time – even to the point of nodding off while driving – Harris asked her primary-care doctor to arrange an evaluation at the Island Hospital Sleep Wellness Center.

“I was skeptical at first,” says Harris. “The staff hooks you up to all these sensors and then they assure you they'll be watching you all night.” Harris didn't think she'd drop off during the session, but she did, and was surprised to learn... Read more.

The Sharon Maya Story - Cancer Care

Sharon Maya, Merle Cancer Care Center TestimonialAt 67, Friday Harbor resident Sharon Maya had never experienced a major illness. Then she was diagnosed with a form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was facing her first massive chemotherapy infusion at Island Hospital's Merle Cancer Care Center (MCCC).

“I was in shock and I was scared,” said  Maya. “Then one of the Oncology nurses held my hand and spoke quietly to me. I can't remember what she said, but it made me feel a little better and a little more ready to face... Read more.


The Reese Perkins Story - Cardiac Rehabilitation

Reese Perkins, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Testimonial“I didn’t retire to sit home in a rocking chair.”

The sun is barely up, but in the Cardiopulmonary Care Center at Island Hospital workout room 79-year-old Reese Perkins is already working up a sweat on the rowing machine. Around him are others who regularly exercise in an ongoing program for individuals recovering from heart-related illnesses or procedures. 

“On workout days I get up real early,” says Reese. “It’s good to have a place to go and something to do that not only makes me. . . Read more.


The Jean Johansen Story - Diabetes Education

Jean Johansen, Diabetes Education Program Testimonial“I stopped feeling guilty and started to rebuild my health.”

People react in different ways when they are diagnosed with a life-changing illness such as diabetes. Many are anxious about how they and their families will cope. They may worry about finances, experience uncertainty about the future, and more. 

For Jean Johansen, who was diagnosed with diabetes nearly a year ago at Island Hospital, the reaction was one tinged with relief. “Finally I could put a name to my lack of energy. . . Read more.