Protect yourself, loved ones

Barb LeDucAnacortes Family Medicine, Fidalgo Medical Associates, News

In partnership with Skagit Public Health, Island Hospital is prepared to care for both the coronavirus and influenza patients. The recent focus on the coronavirus patient in Everett – the only such person in the State of Washington – spotlights the importance of proper self-care of flu-like symptoms. However, the largest public-health threat in our area is the flu, which can cause serious complications and even death for those at greater risk (those 65 years and older, certain chronic medical conditions such as asthma, pregnant women and children younger than 5 years). If you believe that you or a loved one may have been exposed to the flu or other virus, and are having symptoms, contact your primary-care provider by phone to determine next steps. Symptoms of influenza are: Runny nose Fever Weakness Fatigue Headache Sore throat Cough The best way to prevent yourself from getting infected with flu is by getting a flu shot and being vigilant around people who show these symptoms. Be sure to wash your hands regularly, and avoid rubbing eyes and nose. Island Hospital is working with the local and state Health Departments to increase public awareness and prepare our communities. For more information visit PLEASE CALL YOUR CLINIC OR EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT PRIOR TO GOING TO EITHER WITH THE FLU.