Where should you go for care, walk-in clinic or emergency department?

Barb LeDucNews, Walk-In Clinic

In times of injury or illness, it can be difficult to decide which level of medical care one needs. Unless there is a life-threatening emergency, it is recommended that care starts with your personal clinic. Your physician clinic is the place for common illnesses, minor injuries, regular physical exams and health problems when advice is needed. Your healthcare provider knows your health history, including any underlying conditions you may have. Many primary-care clinics offer extended hours to accommodate busy schedules. Emergency departments Hospital emergency departments are for very serious problems such as chest pain, severe abdominal pain, severe burns, uncontrolled bleeding, breathing difficulty, sudden dizziness or loss of balance, numbness in face, arm or leg; severe headache, seizures, high fever or any condition felt life threatening. If you experience any of these, call 911 immediately or get someone to drive you to the nearest emergency department. Using an emergency department for non-emergent problems has its downside: An emergency visit will cost you far more than your provider’s office or urgent care, as much as three times more. The visit will take longer and, if not a serious problem, you may experience a longer wait since emergency departments help patients based on severity. You will see a provider that probably is not familiar with you and your medical history. The Emergency … Read More