ChemoQuilters sew comfort

Amanda FloecknerNews

On Wednesday mornings at 10, in the Fellowship Hall of Westminster Presbyterian Church, a small number of quilters begin to filter in, and the work resumes.

In 2005, Shelly Withall, former owner of an Anacortes quilting business, envisioned stitching lap quilts to comfort cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy during their treatments. Today, an average of 10 quilts per month is meticulously created in this ongoing effort.

These lovingly made quilts are delivered to the Merle Cancer Care Center and the North Puget Cancer Center, each with a label containing the name of the group and the quilter’s name on the back.

“We’re one of many groups whose handmade items are donated to the hospital gift shop, newborns and chronic-care patients,” said ChemoQuilter Pati Dever, “and it’s gratifying to know that our gifts are so appreciated.”

“We donate all fabrics ourselves,” she added, “but quilt batting is our biggest expense. Should anyone care to donate funds for batting or wish to join our merry group, please call me at (206) 714-7359.”

Holding up one of the ten quilts created each month, are ChemoQuilters (from left) Suzanne Lockridge, Pati Dever, Mary Bame, Sue Trczinski, Carol Jones, Cathy Berk, Patti Sutter, and Ruth Sturing.