Denise Jones, RN, MN

Chief Patient Care Executive

Denise Jones RN, MN has been appointed Island Hospital’s Chief Patient Care Executive (CPCE). In this position, she will play a vital role in areas such as patient quality-of-care and advancement of nurses and nursing leaders. She will also work with others in leadership to determine strategic plans for the future of IH, helping to plan, organize and assure implementation of current and future hospital functions, programs and activities.

Jones earned her Associate of Arts degree from Golden Valley Lutheran College, MN; her Bachelor of Arts in nursing from the College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN; and her Masters of Science in nursing from Regis University, Denver, CO.

Prior to joining Island Hospital, Jones worked as Patient Care Manager, Spring Valley Care Center; and Home Health Nurse Coordinator, Spring Valley Home Health, Spring Valley, MN.

Jones was employed at IH in 2003, initially as registered nurse in the acute-care and intensive-care units, where she later became director. She has also served on numerous medical staff committees and the planning and design team for the Island Hospital renovation and expansion project completed in 2008. In January 2015 she was named Interim Chief Nursing Officer – a position that led to her naming as CPCE.


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