Island Hospital
We're introducing a new electronic medical-record system
Island Hospital will be launching a new electronic medical-record (EMR) system on May 1, 2018. This project will merge all current patient records from every department and clinic throughout Island Hospital into one single, comprehensive electronic medical record for our providers to access. In addition, the new system will have built-in automation that provides increased accuracy and efficiency throughout your care experience.

 Benefits of new electronic medical-record system

The new EMR offers numerous benefits to patients for the long term, including

  • Better, more-accurate recording of patient info.
  • All our services utilize the same system and your information will be available for any type of visit to an IH patient-care department.
  • Streamlined and standardized for patient convenience, no need to sign similar forms from clinic, to specialty care, to IH services.
  • Better information advances patient safety.
  • Your information continues to be secure.

 Why it may take longer for your next hospital or clinic visit
Island Hospital is implementing a new electronic medical-record (EMR) system that will be operational beginning May 1, 2018. When patients register for any service on or after May 1, staff will be diligently reviewing medical-record information with each client, which may take a bit longer. Read more.

 How the new EMR will affect your patient portal experience

The patient portal pulls data real-time – no data is ever stored in the portal – from our EMR for patients to view. As we transition to our new system, there will be some features in the portal that will be unavailable. There will also be some historical information (data prior to May 1) that will be unavailable in the portal once the new EMR is launched. This data, although no longer viewable in the portal, will be securely saved and accessible to your provider. It will also ALWAYS be accessible to you through our
Medical Records Department which can be reached by calling (360) 299-1326. Read more.

For questions about the new EMR system, please call the Resource Center at (360) 299-1397.