Island Hospital
Farm-to-Healthcare Program
Since 2007, Island Hospital has participated in the Farm-to-Healthcare initiative that has proven its value for the community, patients, employees and local farmers. Island Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the region to sign the "Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge".
Farm-to-Healthcare Program, Farmstand Carrots, Island Hospital
Farm Stand at Island Hospital

Island Hospital hosts a local farm stand during the summer season in the courtyard near the 24th Street entrance. Enjoy fresh produce from Schuh Farms and gluten-free baked goods from Anna Marie's Wholesale Bakery.    

For more information about the farm stand call Suzie DuPuis at 299-1300 x2567.

Fresh-to-Go Bags!

Island Hospital's Wellness Committee offers a Fresh-to-Go (FTG) weekly special during our farm stand season (generally mid-June through mid-September). The bag contains five to seven produce items and the cost is $12. The FTG bags provide employees and community members an easy pick up of fresh, local, sustainable produce at an affordable price.

How it works

Each week an email is sent to our FTG customers with a list of the produce they can expect to find in that week's bag. Customers that wish to purchase that week's FTG bag respond to the email. Bags can be picked up at the Farm Stand between 11 AM - 4 PM.

Seasonal (weekly) orders for the entire farm stand season can be placed. Season orders will automatically be placed on the order list for a FTG bag each week unless you notify us otherwise. 

Anyone interested in receiving the FTG weekly email notices or be placed on our seasonal order list, please contact Suzie DuPuis at with your full name, email address and phone number.

Farm-to-Healthcare Reaps Multiple Rewards

Along with the obvious health benefits of eating produce that is pesticide-free, certified organic or otherwise less exposed to chemical treatment, the Farm-to-Healthcare program promotes better nutrition, supports local farmers, reduces air pollution by shortening the trip needed to deliver food and helps preserve the agrarian landscape of Skagit County.

At Island Hospital this initiative has resulted in fresher products for patient and cafeteria meals and a Tuesday farm stand (during the summer season) on the hospital campus.

For more information on any of these exciting programs, contact Suzie DuPuis, 299-1300, ext. 2567 or Sherrie Veatch, ext. 1377.

Cafeteria and Patient Meals

Farm fresh produce will continue to be incorporated into the cafeteria, Island Bistro, and hospital patient menus. Island Bistro continues to provide local, fresh ingredients and to offer an array of healthy choices. The Food Services Department plans to offer more vegetarian and gluten-free selections for people who follow these diets. 

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