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A new generation of migraine preventatives, called CGRP antagonists, are now available. Most insurances will cover these treatments.

Patients interested in this new therapy for migraines, should
call the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Our Approach

The first step in treatment is finding the correct diagnosis. There are more than 120 headache / face pain subtypes as defined by the International Headache Society’s Classification of Headache Disorders. Fortunately, the vast majority of these disorders are primary headaches, meaning that the pain itself is the disease and not being caused by something else. Advanced testing may include neurologic exam, MRI or blood test.

Our Headache Clinic uses an evidence-base model utilizing treatments that have proven to be safe and effective. Our providers each have more than 35 years of experience and continue to attend world research conferences and strive to stay abreast of advancements in headache-pain care.

Headache and face pain disorders are very complex, more so than other common illnesses. Treatment is personalized for each patient holistically based on the nature of their pain. This often becomes a trial and error method until optimal improvement is reached.

We use or recommend evidence-based treatments that include complementary, pharmaceutical, and procedural.

We care for patients from six years and older. No patient is too simple or too difficult.

What We Treat    

The Headache Clinic treats anything that hurts from the neck up in patients from age six and up. This includes:
  • Migraine
  • Cluster headache
  • Tension headache
  • Sinus headache
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Atypical face pain
  • Post-traumatic head and neck pain
  • CPH
  • Hemicrania continua
  • And other face-, head- and neck-pain syndromes

Meet Our Staff

Dr. James Moren, Headache SpecialistJames Moren MD

Dr. James Moren received his BA from Yale University, New Haven, CT, in 1971 and earned his Master’s in Medical Sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 1973. He obtained his Doctorate of Medicine from Emory University, Atlanta, GA, in 1975 and completed his residency in 1978 at Highland Hospital, University of Rochester, NY, where he was both Co-Chief Resident and a medical educator for Project HOPE in Jamaica during his final year.

Following his move to Northwest Washington, Dr. Moren was employed part time as a family physician by British Petroleum at the Cherry Point Refinery, Ferndale. He was an original owner of North Sound Family Medicine, where he served from 1979 to 2009. He was then employed part time by Western Washington University Health Care Clinic, followed by The Everett Clinic. From 2010 until September 2015, Dr. Moren worked for the VA in Mount Vernon at their CBOC (Community Based Outpatient Clinic) as both a provider and as Medical Director. During this time, he and J. Michael Jones MPAS-C co-founded the Pacific Rim Headache Center, which became a great success and was known for serving the most complex headache patients from throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most recently he was employed by Unity Care NW (a community healthcare clinic) in Bellingham.

Michael Jones MPAS-CJ. Michael Jones MPAS-C

Michael started his career with Dr. Joel Saper at the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute in 1982. It is the world’s second largest headache practice and the first one to be centered on inpatient treatment. Dr. Saper is still considered, by many, the top headache specialist in the world.

Later Michael was a headache consultant in the Division of Headache / Department of Neurology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. In 2010, he founded the Pacific Rim Headache Center. In 2012, this clinic received the highest patient satisfaction rating that has ever been reported for a headache clinic. He has published over 30 articles and one book on headache disorders. He was the first non-physician to receive certification in “Added Qualification in Headache Medicine” as granted by a board exam through the National Headache Foundation.

The Headache Clinic is an Island Hospital-affiliated clinic. Patients seeking care at this clinic may receive a separate billing for a facility fee. This fee could result in higher out-of-pocket expenses. Patients should contact their insurance company to determine coverage for hospital-based facility charges.

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