Island Hospital
Health & Wellness
Island Hospital offers a wide range of programs from wellness classes and health screenings to a summer community farm stand. Learn more in this section about ways to get and stay healthy all year long.
Island Hospital
Classes & Screenings

The Island Hospital Community Education department offers a variety of low-cost or free classes and screenings on health related topics throughout the year. Most of our programs are held at the Island Health Resource Center (IHRC) which is located in the brick building behind the heli-pad at Island Hospital.

Health Links

Our Health Links page has a valuable list of association and organization websites that provide specific disease, research and assistance information.

Healthy Recipes

On this page you will find a variety of delicious, healthy recipes provided by our registered dietician to try at home!

Farm-to-Healthcare Programs

Throughout the summer months, Island Hospital hosts a local Farm Stand (Schuh Farms). Find out more about our Farm Stand and other programs in which Island Hospital shows its support and commitment to our "Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge" in this section.

Flu Prevention

Find out the best way to prevent contracting the flu or what to do if you or a family member get the flu in this section.