InReach Community Dx teams with Lab Services at Island Hospital

Island HospitalPress Release

Island Hospital, Anacortes, entered an agreement with InReach Community Dx to bring the hospital’s outstanding, high-quality laboratory services to clinics and patients outside the hospital’s traditional service area.

“We believe the exceptional quality and quick turnaround provided by the Island Hospital lab will prove to be very enticing to medical facilities and individuals throughout the region,” said Cody Lay, InReach CEO. “We have received very positive reaction about this new service from clinics we’ve contacted and are convinced this will be a very successful venture for all involved.”

InReach staff will meet face-to-face with medical-clinic professionals throughout Washington State to utilize Laboratory Services at Island Hospital to provide diagnostic lab testing. In addition, InReach is now operating a draw site in Bellingham for individuals to utilize.

“We are very excited to begin working with InReach Community Dx to bring our excellent Laboratory Services to new customers throughout the region,” said Michael Sharp MLS (ASCP), Director of Laboratory Services at Island. “InReach staff has impressed us with their responsiveness, initiative and focus on providing the highest quality services. We look forward to a long relationship.”