Large gift brings new ultrasound to IH

Island HospitalPress Release

In April, Island Hospital received $150,000 from the Janice and Jerrel Barto Family Charitable Trust to help purchase a new ultrasound machine. Last week, the Bartos were able to cut the ribbon to celebrate the installation of the important diagnostic instrument.

When we are able to help and do things for Island Hospital it makes us feel so good to know we are helping other people too,” said Jan Barto. “We hope others can do the same and realize how fortunate we are to have a very good hospital. From the doctors, nurses and staff you know if something happens to you, you have a very good place to go to and be cared for.”

“Over the years Island Hospital has taken such good care of us, my daughter and granddaughter,” said Jerry Barto, adding, “Three of my great-grandchildren have been born here.”

Showing their appreciation to the Bartos for the donation were representatives of the Island Hospital Foundation, administration, medical staff and diagnostic imaging staff among others.

Ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves that reflect off of the body’s structures and back to an ultrasound probe that has been placed on or near the area of interest. The sound waves are processed and generated by a computer in real-time providing images for examining internal organs, tendons, muscles, joints and blood vessels. Utilizing sound waves instead of radiation – as used in x-rays and other diagnostic studies – make ultrasound the best for observing fetuses.

“This additional unit will greatly reduce patient wait times and worry by getting patients to the next step of diagnosis and treatment, if needed,” said IH Chief of Staff Kathy Garde, M.D., who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. “This new ultrasound unit further enhances Island Hospital’s women’s health services and supports our new Breast Cancer Navigator Program.”

Pictured: Island Hospital CEO Vince Oliver (from left), Foundation Director Jeannette Papadakis and Jan and Jerry Barto join other hospital officials to celebrate the installation of a new ultrasound machine.