Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Better breathing leads to better living.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Island Hospital is a 12-week program that includes 36 exercise sessions including weekly education and counseling sessions.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Island Hospital focuses on improving your breathing and increasing physical function in your daily life. Breathlessness can make normal activities such as walking, climbing stairs, gardening, volunteering and enjoying time with loved ones difficult. Our main focus is to reverse inactivity due to breathlessness and help you gain control of your daily life. We will help manage your condition by educating you on breathing techniques and designing an exercise program suited to fit your needs. We understand how stressful breathlessness can be, so our approach is not only practical, but supportive and considerate of your well-being.

Our Services

We treat patients with mild, moderate or severe chronic lung diseases and those limited by breathlessness. In the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, you will undergo 36 monitored exercise sessions and weekly education with our experienced healthcare professionals. Our team is comprised of a respiratory therapist, registered nurse, pulmonologist and exercise physiologist. Your customized program will help you work towards increased muscle strength, building endurance, physical conditioning, and reducing respiratory symptoms, all to help you breathe easier.

Our services are designed to help those with:

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