Practical techniques for building a healthier and happier family

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I am Dr. David Hall, Child Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist in the Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Clinic. This blog entry introduces you to my book Stop Arguing and Start Understanding: Eight Steps to Solving Family Conflicts. The book grew out of my private practice when I realized I was saying the same thing to many families. I decided to write a brochure outlining how family therapy works and giving hints to make it easier for families to get benefit out of my work with them.On the third try after four years I began to get it right and developed an initial draft, which I then reworked with a professional editor and self-published the book seven years later to praises from the Publishers Marketing Association and Forward Magazine.

The 8 steps approximate the sequence someone seeking help needs to take, starting with taking responsibility for engaging the work and seeing it through. The whole approach takes place within a no-fault framework that takes each person where they are developmentally and emotionally and works from there.

It may well not be your fault you’re having troubles in your family, but it becomes your responsibility to find new solutions as you learn where your problems come from. That’s what the book is about – helping you to discover the causes for your troubles and then helping you to find solutions that work for you and your family.

Visit Dr. Hall’s website for a free copy of his book Stop Arguing and Start Understanding: Eight Steps to Solving Family Conflicts.