Coralie Meslin ARNP joins Center for Pain Management

Barb LeDucNews

The Center for Pain Management at Island Hospital welcomes Coralie Meslin ARNP to its staff. Meslin, a family nurse practitioner, holds a Master’s degree in Nursing from Seattle University. Providers at the Center for Pain Management specialize in minimally invasive interventional procedures that directly address the source of pain. Meslin brings a broad range of experience and will work with Robert Billow DO to provide interventional pain relief to patients. Meslin has worked in roles including HIV testing counselor in Thurston County, WA, a phlebotomist at Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA, a disease-intervention specialist for the Seattle and King County Public Health, and a research assistant at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. She has completed clinical nursing practica in Seattle; Queensland, Australia; and Casablanca, Morocco. In 2018, Meslin spent five weeks in high-altitude villages near Dolpa, Nepal, working in an annual medical clinic that provided general women’s healthcare, prenatal care and contraception. On the trail for four weeks, she hiked almost 200 miles with a team of Nepali and Western clinicians, setting up clinics for a day or two at villages along the way. “It’s noteworthy,” she says, “how similar Nepali patients were to patients I’ve seen in the States. Despite difference in resources and access to care, the medical conditions were most often familiar ones. Like patients in … Read More