About Us


We’re updating several of our clinic names to reflect our new naming structure. “Island” will be the first word in each of our clinic names, and in some cases, the location will be added.

Anacortes Family Medicine is now Island Primary Care – M Avenue

Fidalgo Medical Associates is now Island Primary Care – 24th Street


Since its inception in 1962, Island Hospital has been ingrained in the community serving the region’s healthcare needs. From medical care to health education and specialized services, we have grown up right alongside you.

Over the years, we have evolved to serve as more than just a hospital. In 2007, the iconic dome at Island Hospital’s entrance was removed and symbolically ushered in a new era. 2022 will also be a new milestone in our evolution with the unveiling of our new name and logo, Island Health.

In addition to keeping our community healthy and safe throughout the pandemic, Island Hospital has been planning for the future. We are excited to announce our new name, Island Health, and tagline, Care Courageously, that better encompasses all the services we provide.

We Are Refreshing Our Brand


Island Health offers a range of services from behavioral health to diabetes education, physical therapy, primary care, sleep wellness, sports and spine, surgery, urology, and more. We’re in Anacortes and on Orcas Island, serving patients across three counties.


Our brand has not been updated for 20 years, and like our exterior signage, is starting to show its age. The refresh of the Island Hospital brand symbolizes the investments we’re making in our staff, our organization and our community.

Care Courageously


Island Health believes in courageous care. Together with our patients, we confront challenges including pain, injury and disease, head-on, every day. We practice courageous care with teams of providers whose talents in medicine are only rivaled in measure by their fortitude. Supporting patients and their families, we triumph in the ways that matter — an emergency addressed, a healthy child, a rehabilitated injury, a cancer-free body, a life well lived. Sometimes we marshal this bold and daring approach to address obstacles within the healthcare system itself. Across it all, we are committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of our community.