Island Hospital
Assuring access to quality healthcare for our community is the unifying commitment of the Island Hospital Board of Commissioners and Administrators.
Board of Commissioners

These five individuals, elected by local voters and serving six-year terms, give generously of their time and talents to oversee Skagit County Public Hospital District No. 2 operations of Island Hospital and its clinics.

Each Commissioner brings sharp business acumen or healthcare expertise to the Board. All are bound by a deep regard for making quality medical services accessible to the communities we serve.

Meeting monthly and working within strict public-meeting guidelines, the Board directs attention to the challenges of maintaining financial viability in concert with quality medical care.

 Jan Iversen, Island Hospital Board Member  Warren Tessler, Board of Commissioners Paul M. Maughan PhD, Island Hospital Board Member 
Jan Iversen
Board Member, Position 1
Term expires December 2022
Warren Tessler
Board Member, Position 2
Term expires December 2021

Paul M. Maughan PhD
Board President, Position 3
Term expires December 2021
 Lynne M. Lang PhD, Island Hospital Board Member  Chip Bogosian MD, Island Hospital Board Member  
Lynne M. Lang PhD
Board Member, Position 4
Term expires December 2019

Chip Bogosian MD
Board Member, Position 5
Term expires December 2019

 Vince Oliver, CEO  Elise Cutter CFO, Island Hospital  Robert Prins MD CMO
Vince Oliver
Chief Executive Officer
Elise Cutter
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Prins MD
Chief Medical Officer
 Denise Jones RN  Carolyn Pape  
Denise Jones RN, MN
Chief Patient Care Executive
Carolyn Pape
Chief Human Resources Officer


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