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Helping you and your baby stay healthy.

Having a baby is a life-changing experience and becoming a parent can be challenging or even overwhelming. The Center for Maternal & Infant Care (CMIC) at Island Hospital is devoted to helping you and your baby stay healthy and identify concerns in the early stages. Our expert team provides non-judgmental and confidential support, education and treatment to help you care for your newborn.

If you are experiencing issues with any of the following, we are here to help:

Lactation Consultation Appointments

If you are finding breastfeeding difficult, it’s okay to ask for help. Visiting with one of our lactation consultants can help work through and solve breastfeeding problems and teach breastfeeding techniques that will help to keep your baby healthy. You do not need to worry about being an established patient at Island Hospital – all mothers with a goal of healthy and successful breastfeeding are welcome!

Tips for new patients:

First Steps Program

The goal of the First Steps Program is to provide maternity and infant - care services for low-income families as early in the pregnancy as possible. After birth, support services continue by helping mother and baby cope with the day-to-day stresses and challenges of being a new parent. We can help sort through how you are feeling and provide education about pregnancy, childbirth, exercise, diet, baby care, infant feeding and more. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when you first find out you are pregnant, but we will help you feel empowered to learn positive parenting skills and develop confidence to care for your newborn.

First Steps Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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