Wildfire smoke season preparation

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Wildfire season is fast approaching! Smoke from wildfires impacts local air quality and can cause health effects, especially for individuals with pre-existing health issues and others especially sensitive to smoke pollution. Every year there are preventable hospitalizations and unanticipated deaths attributable to wildfire smoke exposure. Use the following resources to prepare you and your loved ones ahead of time to minimize their exposure to wildfire smoke, minimize symptoms in the event of exposure. Know when to limit outdoor activities when air quality is poor. Washington Air Quality Advisory: An information tool to advise you about air quality levels Washington Smokeblog: Webpage with interactive map for smoke forecasts and real-time air quality information as well as links to health information. Here is the outdoor activity guide for youth that provides recommendations for recess, P.E., and athletic events and practices during smoky conditions. Know how to manage physical and mental symptoms from smoke impact—including that different sources have different triggering effects. Department of Health’s information on health impacts: Comprehensive webpages with frequently asked questions and a toolkit. You should be able to find the answer to most questions and links to other resources. Here is a the Know the Symptoms fact sheet that provides information about health effects from wildfire smoke exposure. Sensitive populations include children, people over 65, and pregnant women. … Read More